Crown Braid

Women are busy.

We are. We are friends, partners, moms, business people, educators, students, entrepreneurs. We are heroes, survivors, thriving while maintaining the calm beneath the chaos.

We want to look good while we run this.

With our plates already full, finding the time or the capacity to be creative with our unwashed, tangled, three-day-old hair can be a real struggle sometimes!

This series of blog posts with our own Alex Cedeño, will feature easy-to-do tutorials on simple styles that keep your morning moving without losing your sense of style.

This month we are featuring Alex in a simple crown braid! 

Prep the hair with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. This will give the hair some added texture to add volume to the braids and it will make it easier to braid.


Divide the hair into two sections. Clip one section out of your way.

Starting at the top, close to the front hair line, you will create a french braid. Alex kept hers loose enough to go over the top of her ear, creating a softer, face-framing effect.


Braid all the way to the ends of the hair and tie with a clear elastic.

Do the same on the other side.


Next, gently pull at the edges of the braids, creating a looser braided look.


Take the loose part of the braids and pin them up around the bottom round of the head, tucking the ends into the alternate braid.



One of the best things about this braid is that imperfections make it more interesting! Embrace any messiness and finish with Oribe Superfine Hair Spray and Shine Spray to keep it looking fresh!

Looking good, Alex!



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