We have an amazing and talented crew. Here they are:


Suzi is the heart behind Greenroom. Our owner and fearless leader, her spunk extends far beyond these walls. Ask her about her babies, her French bulldogs, and you have made a friend for life.

Suzi has been doing hair for years, but you wouldn’t know from her youthful glow. She loves working with all kinds of texture and can cut an iconic Vidal bob like no one else.


Nikki is a boho beauty with a splash of sass. As great of a listener as she is a storyteller, you can count on her to find creative new ways to enjoy your hair while you enjoy each other’s company.

Nikki has been a hairdresser for over 13 years. Her strengths include pretty much everything and her patience is unmatched. If you have an inch of hair or enough for 5 people, she is your girl.


Pamela has had the strangest variety of jobs over the years, but this one is her favorite. She has a million stories for any occasion and likes to reenact them while telling them.

Pamela has almost 10 years of doing hair under her belt, including a handful of really interesting experiences with magazines, photo shoots, events, and NY Fashion Week. She also manages our social media and website so writing a bio about herself in third person was really awkward.


If you ask Mitch about his tattoos he will tell you epic stories of all his adventures. Just kidding. They are just pretty. But you should still check them out because they are rad.

Mitch has been doing hair for five years. He’s so much more than our token male in the salon. He adds a much-needed flavor to our environmental cocktail. Talented beyond his years, Mitch is a masterful men’s cutter, but don’t limit him to just that.

lindsay polaroid

Lindsay is one of many talents. This incredible lady’s creativity shows in her personality, her wardrobe, and especially her haircolor (her own and those of her clients). From wild panels of vivid jewel tones to the most impeccable platinum, she is able to cultivate a variety of colors to suit any client. Talented with all lengths of women’s hair, she truly is the creative genius you’re looking for and you’ll never be bored working with her.