Easy Holiday Hair

One of the best things about this trending look is that it’s great on so many different women! Short hair or long, the tousled tresses are easy to do and look fantastic!

The key to this style rocking on your hair is placement. Know what is most flattering for your face shape. There are two parts to this: sectioning and elevation. Where do you part the bun and where do you put it?

If you have a rounder face shape, you may want to part the section in the middle of the top half of your head. This will break the line up and keep you from feeling too wide. Placement can be high on top or further back, depending on how extreme of a look you want to create.

Longer faces can part lower or in the middle, but may benefit from a lower placement of the bun. For a more intense look, you can place the bun up higher, but it will elongate the face shape further.

Most women worry about having too sleek of a bun, making them look like an old lady school maid. You can opt for this kind of a look if you want something a bit more theatrical or playful, but a smaller bun can help keep it fun.

Keeping the look loose will help keep it more adaptable for different face shapes and looks. Don’t make it perfect or pull tight. Adding dry shampoo and even back combing in places can help with that. You can also push it forward before pinning or even pull at the pieces after you’ve pinned to loosen it up.

How to wrap? Again, keep it loose and mellow. Imperfect is perfect. For shorter hair, a gentle twist and single loop may be more than plenty. Don’t be afraid to let some of the ends come loose. For longer hair it may be easier to wrap it around itself and then pull pieces loose afterward.

Check out these photos for inspiration! And don’t hesitate to add a little holiday sparkle, should the occasion arise!




Enjoy! And Happy Holidays beauties!


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