More Than Hair!

Hey friends!

After a much anticipated update, we are proud to announce the addition of Smith&Cult makeup and nail products to Greenroom Salon!

This creative line features affordable quad palettes of eyeshadows, eye liner pens, a blush/bronzer duo, an easy application highlighter, mascara, and a variety of lip colors in approachable tones!

“This is the first eye liner pen that I have ever used that doesn’t smudge or run!” Suzi, our boss and leader was excited to not just give the beautiful products a try but was extremely pleased with the long-lasting results.

The eye liner pen is not only easy to apply, but comes in black, charcoal grey, dark brown, blue, and a soon-to-be-announced Fall color!


Smith&Cult also has an extensive line of nail polish. Just because Greenroom doesn’t have manicure services, doesn’t mean we don’t love our nails! As any hairstylist might tell you, our nails take a beating, but Smith&Cult polishes have really held up with the continual shampooing we have put them through.

Some favorite seasonal colors include Dark Like Me (a deep plum), Stockholm Syndrome (a soft charcoal), Darjeeling Darling (a rich, true green), and Kings and Thieves (a selvage denim blue). TWO new colors will be launched this Fall, including one to match your favorite seasonal flavor of pumpkin spice!


Polishes are all 20% off for the month of August only! Check them out today!


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