Fake That Blowout!

There is nothing like walking out of the salon really feeling yourself.

Your hair is fresh, stylish, and full of life. There is a strut that accompanies a woman knowing she looks stunning and when you open that door to enter the world after seeing your stylist at Greenroom, you have that strut.

Every client wants to know how to make that hair happen at home. How, exactly, can you get a good blow out style without having eight arms?!?

Velcro rollers.

Yep, just like grandma used to have. Velcro rollers are easy to use and allow your hair to set in a voluminous state to preserve the body and style for the long-haul! It’s much easier than you think!

Today, Alex shows us exactly how to do that.

Start by applying good foundational products to the hair. Alex chose R+Co’s High Dive Moisture and Shine Cream, Park Ave Blow Out Balm, and Grid Structural Hold Setting Spray. Use a nickel to quarter size amount of both creams and distribute evenly throughout the hair.


At this point, instead of grabbing that round brush and struggling through an intense blow out, you can simply rough blow dry your hair! Making sure to lift at the roots and pointing the air toward the ends of the hair will allow for great volume and preserve the smoothness of the strands.

Once the hair is dry, use a tail comb or even part of a clip to section the hair.


Starting at the top, comb through a section no thicker than 1 inch and no wider than your velcro roller. This will help make things easier for you in the long run! Do a standard curl with a wide barrel curling iron. While the curl is still warm, take your velcro roller and smooth the section over the roller, wrapping the end around the roller and then rolling it toward your head.


Take a pin curl clip and clip it on the under side of the roller, making sure to not crimp the hair.


Keep in mind where you want volume and which direction you want the hair to go when creating the curls and rolling! For example, rolling the hair at the very crown of the head in the direct center, with the curl parallel to the floor to maximize the volume at that section.


Alex likes to use a thermal spray before curling each section. If you decide to do the same, you will definitely get more hold out of the curl, but make sure to comb through the section before curling! A smooth section will not only look better, but it will wrap around the roller much easier!


Once all the curls are set, make sure to allow them to cool completely before removing them. You can also use a nice light mist of Outer Space hair spray!


Tousle the curls and feel free to play!


Va. Va. VOOM.


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