More Than Hair!

Hey friends!

After a much anticipated update, we are proud to announce the addition of Smith&Cult makeup and nail products to Greenroom Salon!

This creative line features affordable quad palettes of eyeshadows, eye liner pens, a blush/bronzer duo, an easy application highlighter, mascara, and a variety of lip colors in approachable tones!

“This is the first eye liner pen that I have ever used that doesn’t smudge or run!” Suzi, our boss and leader was excited to not just give the beautiful products a try but was extremely pleased with the long-lasting results.

The eye liner pen is not only easy to apply, but comes in black, charcoal grey, dark brown, blue, and a soon-to-be-announced Fall color!


Smith&Cult also has an extensive line of nail polish. Just because Greenroom doesn’t have manicure services, doesn’t mean we don’t love our nails! As any hairstylist might tell you, our nails take a beating, but Smith&Cult polishes have really held up with the continual shampooing we have put them through.

Some favorite seasonal colors include Dark Like Me (a deep plum), Stockholm Syndrome (a soft charcoal), Darjeeling Darling (a rich, true green), and Kings and Thieves (a selvage denim blue). TWO new colors will be launched this Fall, including one to match your favorite seasonal flavor of pumpkin spice!


Polishes are all 20% off for the month of August only! Check them out today!


Easy Holiday Hair

One of the best things about this trending look is that it’s great on so many different women! Short hair or long, the tousled tresses are easy to do and look fantastic!

The key to this style rocking on your hair is placement. Know what is most flattering for your face shape. There are two parts to this: sectioning and elevation. Where do you part the bun and where do you put it?

If you have a rounder face shape, you may want to part the section in the middle of the top half of your head. This will break the line up and keep you from feeling too wide. Placement can be high on top or further back, depending on how extreme of a look you want to create.

Longer faces can part lower or in the middle, but may benefit from a lower placement of the bun. For a more intense look, you can place the bun up higher, but it will elongate the face shape further.

Most women worry about having too sleek of a bun, making them look like an old lady school maid. You can opt for this kind of a look if you want something a bit more theatrical or playful, but a smaller bun can help keep it fun.

Keeping the look loose will help keep it more adaptable for different face shapes and looks. Don’t make it perfect or pull tight. Adding dry shampoo and even back combing in places can help with that. You can also push it forward before pinning or even pull at the pieces after you’ve pinned to loosen it up.

How to wrap? Again, keep it loose and mellow. Imperfect is perfect. For shorter hair, a gentle twist and single loop may be more than plenty. Don’t be afraid to let some of the ends come loose. For longer hair it may be easier to wrap it around itself and then pull pieces loose afterward.

Check out these photos for inspiration! And don’t hesitate to add a little holiday sparkle, should the occasion arise!




Enjoy! And Happy Holidays beauties!

Treat Yo Self (And Your Hair!)

The leaves transition to fiery hues, the morning breeze turns crisp, football stadiums fill on Friday nights, and pumpkin spice (lattes) fills the air.

Love the spice or hate it, your hair is ready for the cooler temperatures, too!
Summer is a glorious time for shimmering highlights, beachy waves, and tons of gritty texture. As we move into fall, your hair needs some extra effort to recover from the time outside and all the damage the sun caused.

That’s why this month’s Product of the Month is Kerastasé Nutritive Masquintense.

This high-end mask for your hair comes in two forms, one for thicker hair and one for finer hair, providing the right amount of moisture for the right type of hair. Deeply infusing the hair with nourishment, it keeps the hair healthy and even fights against dryness in the future.

Winner of the 2016 Brides Beauty Guide, Nutritive Masquintense should be applied after shampooing, concentrating on the mids to ends of the hair. Letting it sit on the hair for 10 minutes would be ideal. You can even towel-dry your hair, apply the mask, wrap it in a warm towel, and let it sit!

Take a few minutes to treat yo self!


Remember, the discount for Product of the Month is 20%, so this is a great time to take advantage of adding this to your monthy regimen! Use twice a month at most and you will find this worthwhile investment will also last you several months, getting you through the winter!

Fake That Blowout!

There is nothing like walking out of the salon really feeling yourself.

Your hair is fresh, stylish, and full of life. There is a strut that accompanies a woman knowing she looks stunning and when you open that door to enter the world after seeing your stylist at Greenroom, you have that strut.

Every client wants to know how to make that hair happen at home. How, exactly, can you get a good blow out style without having eight arms?!?

Velcro rollers.

Yep, just like grandma used to have. Velcro rollers are easy to use and allow your hair to set in a voluminous state to preserve the body and style for the long-haul! It’s much easier than you think!

Today, Alex shows us exactly how to do that.

Start by applying good foundational products to the hair. Alex chose R+Co’s High Dive Moisture and Shine Cream, Park Ave Blow Out Balm, and Grid Structural Hold Setting Spray. Use a nickel to quarter size amount of both creams and distribute evenly throughout the hair.


At this point, instead of grabbing that round brush and struggling through an intense blow out, you can simply rough blow dry your hair! Making sure to lift at the roots and pointing the air toward the ends of the hair will allow for great volume and preserve the smoothness of the strands.

Once the hair is dry, use a tail comb or even part of a clip to section the hair.


Starting at the top, comb through a section no thicker than 1 inch and no wider than your velcro roller. This will help make things easier for you in the long run! Do a standard curl with a wide barrel curling iron. While the curl is still warm, take your velcro roller and smooth the section over the roller, wrapping the end around the roller and then rolling it toward your head.


Take a pin curl clip and clip it on the under side of the roller, making sure to not crimp the hair.


Keep in mind where you want volume and which direction you want the hair to go when creating the curls and rolling! For example, rolling the hair at the very crown of the head in the direct center, with the curl parallel to the floor to maximize the volume at that section.


Alex likes to use a thermal spray before curling each section. If you decide to do the same, you will definitely get more hold out of the curl, but make sure to comb through the section before curling! A smooth section will not only look better, but it will wrap around the roller much easier!


Once all the curls are set, make sure to allow them to cool completely before removing them. You can also use a nice light mist of Outer Space hair spray!


Tousle the curls and feel free to play!


Va. Va. VOOM.

Crown Braid

Women are busy.

We are. We are friends, partners, moms, business people, educators, students, entrepreneurs. We are heroes, survivors, thriving while maintaining the calm beneath the chaos.

We want to look good while we run this.

With our plates already full, finding the time or the capacity to be creative with our unwashed, tangled, three-day-old hair can be a real struggle sometimes!

This series of blog posts with our own Alex Cedeño, will feature easy-to-do tutorials on simple styles that keep your morning moving without losing your sense of style.

This month we are featuring Alex in a simple crown braid! 

Prep the hair with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. This will give the hair some added texture to add volume to the braids and it will make it easier to braid.


Divide the hair into two sections. Clip one section out of your way.

Starting at the top, close to the front hair line, you will create a french braid. Alex kept hers loose enough to go over the top of her ear, creating a softer, face-framing effect.


Braid all the way to the ends of the hair and tie with a clear elastic.

Do the same on the other side.


Next, gently pull at the edges of the braids, creating a looser braided look.


Take the loose part of the braids and pin them up around the bottom round of the head, tucking the ends into the alternate braid.



One of the best things about this braid is that imperfections make it more interesting! Embrace any messiness and finish with Oribe Superfine Hair Spray and Shine Spray to keep it looking fresh!

Looking good, Alex!


Sunscreen for Your Hair

Everyone hates the dreaded first sunburn of the summer. You know it’s going to happen. You lather up the sunscreen, coating every inch evenly before stepping into the shining heat and hope for the best kind of glow.

But an hour after you come back inside, the glow turns pink and red and begins to ache.

Picture what that same sun is doing to your hair. You know, the stuff on the very top of your head. If you color your hair, the damage could be even worse.


Hair is covered in cuticles. They look kind of like fish scales up close, coating each strand and protecting the inner protein of the hair. Every time you color your hair, you open those cuticles up and close them. This allows the color product of choice to get into the hair and alter the molecules that determine your hair color.

This happens regardless of what kind of color you are putting on your hair, darker or lighter. But as any super light blonde can tell you, bleach can be potentially more damaging to the hair than the darker shades. The process to pull the color molecules out of the strands can be a bit more intense, requiring a stronger chemical process to open the cuticles wider to make that happen.

When you go darker, the chemical process to open the cuticles to deposit color doesn’t require the same level of intensity. It doesn’t open the cuticle as wide and the cuticle is able to close a bit better. However, because the color isn’t as deeply placed into the follicle, it can fade quickly, especially in the sun.

When you are done with the color process and the product is rinsed out, your stylist will use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner to neutralize the ph levels of the hair and help close the cuticles of the hair, sealing the color molecules in.

Sun and heat open the cuticles of the hair as well.

It’s not as drastic of a process as chemical coloring, but it does. It can cause darker colors to fade more quickly and lighter shades to suffer more damage. Both are damaged by the sun’s rays and frequent time spent in the sun will further harm your hair.

So what can you do to protect your color?

Use sunscreen for your hair.

Now we don’t recommend coating your locks with a greasy tube of sunscreen, but we can recommend some great products that have the same effect. Kérastase’s Chroma series is specifically customized to protect your color from the sun, preserve the shine, and add a healthy amount of moisture.


Our favorite from the series is the Chroma Thermique. Suzi, the salon owner, loves that this one product can add shine and moisture without weighing it down. Have your stylist try out some of these amazing products on your next visit!

Protect your color, protect your hair.

(All Chroma products are 20% off this month!)

Summertime Waves

Living landlocked doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the beach-loving hair trends of the summer!

Beachy waves have been a consistently hot trend for the last couple summers. While we love that soft wave look, accomplishing it looks different on everyone.

Different hair types require different products, different tools, and will have a different overall appearance.

The most important part of styling wavy hair is to not move the hair around a lot. At some point in the 80’s we must have all watched the same teen movie where the curly haired queen of the school scrunched and teased her locks until they were bigger than life.

Since it’s no longer the 80’s and the teased poodle mane is out, we want to update how we style for a curlier look! Keep in mind that the more you move your hair, the more the curls will cause friction and frizz. This is universal, whether you have straight hair or curly!

Press the excess water out of your hair gently with your towel. If you have very curly hair, you can even use an old t-shirt to prevent the curls from pulling apart from the towel fibers. Distribute whatever product you are using wet by rubbing it in your palms and gently pressing it into the hair, starting at the mid lengths and working toward the ends. Then go back to the top to treat the roots. If need be, you can also take a few sections and finger twist them to add some different curl shapes. Either air dry or use a diffuser. Finish when dry with a finishing product appropriate for your hair type!

Now let’s talk product!

This month, Greenroom is featuring three amazing and uniquely different texturizing products from Oribe!

Matte Waves Texture Lotion

This product is fantastic for an easy air-dry or diffused look. Texture lotion works similarly to a salt-spray, but without drying your hair out. As this product dries, the curls will contract and pull together, bringing the wave texture out, even on the most challenging hair. Alex mentioned she tried it on a client that claimed her curls were “too weird to make it look good”, but Matte Waves with a diffuser worked like a charm!

Star Glow Styling Wax

This amazing hold wax has a beautiful shine and is incredibly versatile. This wax is a great finishing product on darker hair tones to add a nice sheen to soft curls. Mercedes really likes using it to press back hair on her male clients as well to create a sleek look on a pompadour style.

Air Style Flexible Finish Cream

As one of Megan’s new favorite products, Air Style is a great product to use on dry hair to smooth frizz without weighing down curl. The unique satin finish works on all hair tones and types, giving it a subtle glow. Not too shiny, not too matte. It’s a great fit for summer movement and fighting off the humidity!

All three of these amazing texturizers are 20% for the entire month of June!

When you’re ready to give those soft waves a whirl, ask your stylist to recommend which product will work best, as well as any favorite tips or tricks for YOUR hair type! We look forward to seeing you soon!

May Product of the Month

At Greenroom we love to take a whole month to feature a favorite product that we can’t live without. This month’s featured product is Kérastase Fusio-Dose At-Home Treatment System!

Yea, that’s a mouthful. It’s worth the effort.

Every winter when you get that dreaded cold, you stock up on all the over-the-counter medications you can get your hands on. Determined to fight it off, you treat it with your best arsenal you have access to on the shelves. Ideally, that works! But sometimes, just sometimes, the cold gets the best of you. When that happens, a trip to the doctor is in order. You get the good stuff. The medications you don’t have access to are now in your home, fighting your cold off better than you could alone.

Fusio-Dose is your hair’s anti-biotic treatment.


For this treatment system, your stylist will hand-pick your treatment regimen for you based on a diagnosis of your current hair needs. Treatments include benefits of strengthening, moisture, smoothing, and volume/thickness. A series or even combination of these treatments will be carefully selected for you!

You will receive your first treatment here in the salon. It’s a wonderful add-on to any previously scheduled appointment or you can call and book an appointment to have an initial treatment independently. You will then have three more treatments to do at home! A quick shampoo followed up by spraying your treatment on your hair is all the work you have to do! Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse it out.

This intensive treatment system is a great way to bring the salon home with you. A major vitamin shot for your hair, these completely customized treatments are worth well over $200 worth of treatments in the salon. Normally retailed at $100, this month you can take it home with you for only $80 the entire month of May!

Call us today to confirm your treatment to be added-on to your appointment or see your stylist for more questions!

Get the Good Stuff

When you choose to invest serious money in something, you take care of it.

Your new car gets regular oil changes, gas in the tank, maybe even a parking spot far from the van with the banged up side doors.

Your hair deserves the same treatment.

When you invest in your hair services, your cuts, your color, your time, you should protect your investment. This means you do more for your hair than the $7 bottle of shampoo at the grocery store.

There is a massive difference between that $7 bottle and the one specifically recommended to you by your stylist.

Most shampoos you can buy at a major discount are made just as cheaply. This can include large amounts of sulfates, preservatives, and other chemicals that can cause damage to your hair and scalp.

What does that mean? More haircuts. More money spent on color that fades too quickly or doesn’t take to your hair as well. More salon treatments to attempt to seal the damaged hair. Dry, itchy scalp or even dandruff.

The problem is, once hair is damaged, there is only so much you can do.

You will also find yourself washing your hair more often. You have probably heard from your stylist that you should try to not wash you hair every day. Washing daily, unless specifically recommended for you, can actually cause more oil production on your hair and scalp.

Your scalp naturally produces sebum, or oil. It’s meant to protect your hair (made out of protein) and scalp from the elements. If you strip your scalp and hair of the sebum too frequently, your scalp will start producing MORE sebum to protect it. This leaves you feeling more oil-rich and wanting to wash your hair more often!

Investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner combination can prevent this cycle of oil and damage.

Higher quality shampoos are going to address your needs of clean hair without overdrying your scalp. It can also provide a great foundation for better volume, thickness, and moisture. Following up with a quality conditioner will also help protect your ends, prevent damage, protect your color, and seal the cuticles of the hair.

Your stylist has been well-educated to know exactly what your hair needs and will make recommendations based on your specific hair type and concerns. The products we choose to carry are products we believe in and know will be the best for your hair.

You have invested your time and money in having us care for you hair, protect your investment at home with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair!