Summertime Waves

Living landlocked doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the beach-loving hair trends of the summer!

Beachy waves have been a consistently hot trend for the last couple summers. While we love that soft wave look, accomplishing it looks different on everyone.

Different hair types require different products, different tools, and will have a different overall appearance.

The most important part of styling wavy hair is to not move the hair around a lot. At some point in the 80’s we must have all watched the same teen movie where the curly haired queen of the school scrunched and teased her locks until they were bigger than life.

Since it’s no longer the 80’s and the teased poodle mane is out, we want to update how we style for a curlier look! Keep in mind that the more you move your hair, the more the curls will cause friction and frizz. This is universal, whether you have straight hair or curly!

Press the excess water out of your hair gently with your towel. If you have very curly hair, you can even use an old t-shirt to prevent the curls from pulling apart from the towel fibers. Distribute whatever product you are using wet by rubbing it in your palms and gently pressing it into the hair, starting at the mid lengths and working toward the ends. Then go back to the top to treat the roots. If need be, you can also take a few sections and finger twist them to add some different curl shapes. Either air dry or use a diffuser. Finish when dry with a finishing product appropriate for your hair type!

Now let’s talk product!

This month, Greenroom is featuring three amazing and uniquely different texturizing products from Oribe!

Matte Waves Texture Lotion

This product is fantastic for an easy air-dry or diffused look. Texture lotion works similarly to a salt-spray, but without drying your hair out. As this product dries, the curls will contract and pull together, bringing the wave texture out, even on the most challenging hair. Alex mentioned she tried it on a client that claimed her curls were “too weird to make it look good”, but Matte Waves with a diffuser worked like a charm!

Star Glow Styling Wax

This amazing hold wax has a beautiful shine and is incredibly versatile. This wax is a great finishing product on darker hair tones to add a nice sheen to soft curls. Mercedes really likes using it to press back hair on her male clients as well to create a sleek look on a pompadour style.

Air Style Flexible Finish Cream

As one of Megan’s new favorite products, Air Style is a great product to use on dry hair to smooth frizz without weighing down curl. The unique satin finish works on all hair tones and types, giving it a subtle glow. Not too shiny, not too matte. It’s a great fit for summer movement and fighting off the humidity!

All three of these amazing texturizers are 20% for the entire month of June!

When you’re ready to give those soft waves a whirl, ask your stylist to recommend which product will work best, as well as any favorite tips or tricks for YOUR hair type! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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